Monday, April 16, 2012

Labels Don't Have the Final Word


That word can strike up different meanings for different people.  I actually work in two industries where the word "labels" is used frequently, but refer to something totally different.  One refers to record labels (in my work with musicians and recording artists) while the other refers to designer labels (related to the fashion and wardrobe styling I provide to my recording artist clients).

But there is another meaning for the word "labels" that everyone can probably relate to, and not always in a good way.  In this video, NSAI's Sheree Spoltore talks about how the personal labels that we grow up with and that are imposed upon us in life can seep into our psyche and our self-image, preventing us from pursuing our dreams, whether those dreams include landing a record deal with a label or some other career or life dream we may have.

Her video is short and sweet, yet inspiring and positive which will make you think about the term "labels" in a different way, and in turn see yourself without being blinded by those labels you've known throughout life.

One piece of advice I always give my clients is:  never compare your success to the success of other artists (which I sometimes have to remind myself of too).  If you do, you will lose focus on the path that was carved out for you and your purpose and start heading down the wrong path.  I think St. Therese of Lisieux said it best:  "If every tiny flower wanted to be a rose, spring would lose its loveliness."

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