Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Getting Ready: Record Label and Job Interview Prep

So since we're on the topic of interviews (see last week's blog, "Phone Interview 101"), I was just looking back on some video clips of when I was asked to speak to college students about preparing for job interviews.  Presenting to college students is something I was used to doing since I used to work as a college career adviser.  But, the more I work with recording artists in preparing them for meetings with potential labels and for media interviews, the more I see how all the principles I used to teach at the college level apply to artists.

In fact, just a couple of weeks ago I worked with one of my regular clients to get her ready for an interview she had coming up with a publisher/label that was interested in possibly signing her.  Right after her meeting, she texted me saying how they asked her EVERYTHING that we had covered in our sessions together (much of which were questions I've included in my book Advance Your Image).  Because she was so prepared from our sessions, she went in having the confidence that came with that preparation, and it was that confidence along with her talent that impressed them.

One of the questions that any artist will have to answer to a label is, "What makes you unique [from other artists]?"  This is the same question as the common job interview questions "What is your greatest strength?" and "Why should we hire you?"  Answering with, "I'm talented!" doesn't cut it!  So is everyone else here in Nashville.  You have to be able to articulate what makes you and your talent different from everyone else.

While the following video is of me speaking specifically to fashion design students getting ready to interview with design firms upon graduation, both recording artists and job seekers in other industries can benefit from the advice presented as they prepare for label meetings or any type of job interview:

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