Monday, February 27, 2012

The Door to Your Calling

I recently read a blog about a young lady who felt called to a specific career field, but couldn't understand why God kept closing the door on her efforts to follow her calling.  She was seeking the advice of the author of the blog on why this could possibly be happening.   His response was that, if you're good at the thing you feel you're being called to do and others are affirming that you are good at it, then it's safe to say that indeed this is your calling despite doors that seem to be closed.  If not, then it's probably not your calling which is why those doors are indeed closing.

I immediately started picturing the times (and we've all done this) when I was trying to enter some place and was pulling on the door when I should have been pushing on it to get it open.  Sometimes we are so hung up on having our calling our way that we try to open the door by pulling it toward us (making everything about ourselves or expecting everything to revolve around our own individual universe) instead of pushing it toward God's way of wanting us to accept our calling.

Working mostly with recording artists, I know numerous people who have had plenty of doors slammed in their faces but have continued working very hard to get to where they are because they knew this is what they were made to do.  God has His will for us, but He also expects us, and also equips us with what we need, to do our own part.  Perhaps God sometimes unlocks a door for us but expects us to reach out, take the initiative and push it open.   Just because some things don't come easy doesn't mean they're not God's will.  It just means you shouldn't give up on what you know God has made you to do!

"What makes me think that what God has called me to will not cost me something?" Beth Moore

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