Saturday, January 14, 2012

Is Your Resume Getting You to the Job Interview?

It seems like as of late the majority of my work has been writing bios and resumes.  People in need of resume makeovers need them either because they just lost their job, OR they are realizing that the resume they currently have is not doing the job of getting them interviews they want.  In fact, one client I worked with last fall has been applying for jobs for about a year now.  She finally decided to get an expert opinion on the resume she had been sending out all that time and hired me to help her.  After I updated her resume, her response was, "Wow, now I know why I've not received any responses to my original resume!" 

I was recently interviewed along with other resume experts for an article by Anthony Balderrama on ways to turn your experience into an effective resume.  Check it out here.

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