Thursday, December 15, 2011

What's Worse Than a Tacky Christmas Sweater?

Well, when I posted on my FB page asking people to respond with their worst garment  Christmas gift received, I think most if not all of the responses included garments received as a kid, because let’s face it, when you were a kid, getting clothing just didn’t carry the same kind of magic as getting a toy.  Getting socks or, even worse, getting underwear as a child was about as exciting as getting a fruitcake in your stocking (for those of you who don’t like fruit cake; I’m one of the few who does, but then again I like just about anything when it comes to food.)  

Speaking of socks, one response was from a guy whose entire family on his mom’s side worked in a sock plant.  Every year as a kid he got socks from everybody, but at least they made sure not to get him the same color socks.  Each person gave him a different color.  And then also speaking of underwear, as an adult this same poor guy’s ex-wife’s cousin got him themed glow-in-the-dark underwear that had light bulbs on them with the waistband message “You Turn Me On.”  Apparently the cousin didn’t get the meaning of the message.  I’m not sure if this is as bad as the person who received several pairs of her grandmother’s USED underwear that were three sizes too big, but I would say that it is because at least the boxer shorts warranted a good laugh!

In addition to this, another person wrote in about the time he got a pair of overalls that had been given to another family member who unwrapped them, wore them once, and then rewrapped and re-gifted them.  What’s worse, getting a re-gifted item or an item that you only get a $2.00 refund on because it had been on the sale rack?  That’s what one person described what happened when she tried to return the hideous Christmas sweater (this was years before the tacky Christmas sweater party craze had started) her grandmother had given her.

One of the worst Christmas gift garments I ever got was a homemade, hand-painted Christmas sweatshirt…that was (hopefully) accidentally painted on THE BACK of the sweatshirt!  It was from someone (I can’t even remember who now because it’s been at least 20 years now) that had drawn my name for a gift exchange.  You could see on the front where the person making it had started with the puffy paint and I guess they messed up and flipped the sweatshirt over as if it was a piece of paper they were drawing on!  The front was completely blank except for that one small mark of puffy paint, and then Christmas glee all over the back of it!  If I had worn it (which I didn’t), I guess no one would have noticed if I just walked backwards the entire day.  I’m sure the person who made it at least had their heart in the right place.

If you have an example of a really bad clothing Christmas gift that can top any of these, please share!  You can do so anonymously in the comment box below.  ‘Tis the season for re-gifting! 

photo by Mioara Dragan

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