Monday, June 6, 2011

Test Your Matching Skills

Just last week I cleaned out my DVD, CD, and book collection and took a few items to McKay's used bookstore to get rid of them.  Usually when I go into McKay's, it's to buy instead of sell (I'm addicted to this store since it feeds my book addiction).  And of course since I had to wait for the "decision makers" at McKay's to go through my items and everyone else's ahead of me before I could get my cash, I spent that time browsing my favorite sections of the store.

I love inspirational books and I found a copy of Blue Like Jazz which I've heard so much about, along with some other inspirational books that caught my eye.  Then, I headed over to the fashion section where I found a book that supports my recent blog "Your Clothes Speak Loud and Clear. What Are Yours Saying?"  This book is written by the hosts of the BBC British version of What Not to Wear, Trinny and Susannah, and is entitled What Your Clothes Say About You: How to Look Different, Act Different and Feel Different.

When I looked at the table of contents (the criteria I use when deciding whether or not I'm actually going to read the book), I knew I needed to get it simply based on the titles they gave each chapter!  Each chapter title is a declaration I've heard from at least one of my clients if not more!  The first two pages of each chapter includes the common things people say about their own style/clothing and then what they really mean and feel deep down inside when they say that.

So for this week's blog, I wanted to share from the book a few of those things that are verbally said along with their deeper meaning, but I'm going to make it a little more interesting by making it rather interactive.  I'm going to list some of the sayings from each chapter, along with the names of the chapters, and the first person who can correctly match up which sayings go with which chapter will get a free copy of my book, Advance Your Image along with my 20% stylist discount at Wolford's in the Green Hills Mall (submit your answers to  In addition, anyone willing to share their story of the saying that they relate to the most in the comment box below will also receive a free copy of my book (send me your mailing address to so I can get that to you!).  Ready?  Here we go...(hint:  two chapters will be the answer more than once...use the chapter listing below to determine your answers).


What I say: "Black works with everything."
What I really feel inside: "Better safe than sorry."
Chapter: _____

What I say: "These sunglasses cost $275."
What I really feel inside: "I'm terrified of my credit card bill."
Chapter: _____

What I say: "If you've got it, flaunt it!"
What I really feel inside: "Well, I think that's all I have to offer."
Chapter: _____

What I say:  "Comfort is the name of the game.  I like to feel well covered up."
What I really feel inside: "I don't feel comfortable showing my body."
Chapter: _____

What I say: "I've got more important things to think about than clothes."
What I really feel inside: "You might not take me seriously if I wear fancy clothes."
Chapter: _____

What I say: "I've always been a tomboy."
What I really feel inside: "I wouldn't consider myself an attractive woman."
Chapter: _____

What I say: "Most of my money goes toward my children."
What I really feel inside: "You might think I'm selfish if I spent money on myself.  I'm a martyr to motherhood."
Chapter: _____

What I say: "I don't believe that new clothes and a new hairstyle could make a difference to how I feel inside."
What I really feel inside: "I'm afraid of losing my identity."
Chapter: _____

What I say: "My clothes are traditional brands, very good quality."
What I really feel inside: "I have no idea about style so I stick to what I feel safe with."
Chapter: _____

What I say: "I'm scared of drab colors."
What I really feel inside: "I'm scared you'll think I'm drab.
Chapter: _____

What I say: "I don't care what people say about me."
What I really feel inside: "I would be devastated if they said it to my face."
Chapter: _____

What I say: "I'm so busy all the time."
What I really feel inside: "If I'm always busy I don't have to think about my own life."
Chapter: _____

What I say: "I look as good in my daughter's clothes as she does."
What I really feel inside: "I need to reassure myself that I'm still young and trim."
Chapter: _____

What I say: "I dress for me, not for anybody else."
What I really feel inside: "I don't care about anybody else."
Chapter: _____

Chapter listing:

Ch. 1  What's the point of making an effort anymore?
Ch. 2  I have an image to uphold
Ch. 3  My kids are my life, there's no time for me
Ch. 4  Look at me, boys!
Ch. 5  I dress old? But I am old!
Ch. 6  I hate wearing skirts and dresses
Ch. 7  Some people say I'm colorful, some say slightly eccentric...
Ch. 8  Well, I have been married for years
Ch. 9  You're nobody unless you wear labels
Ch. 10  I really don't care about clothes
Ch. 11  I can fit into my daughter's clothes - and I'm 45!
Ch. 12  This has always been my best look

If you don't get a chance to participate, you can always get a free copy of my book with any Onstage Success purchase (click here).  Next week, I'll share a practical tip from each chapter of Trinny and Susannah's book!  Oh, and in case you're wondering, I only got $7 in cash from McKay's, which didn't really help since I ended up spending $12 on more books.  But still, $12 for four books is not bad (this is how I justify my habit...that and a library card). 

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