Friday, October 29, 2010

Movin' On Up (or Over)

This video from AOL Jobs reminds me of a similar job I did with one of my clients. He used to work in corporate but left corporate to become a life coach. He no longer wanted to be stuck in a suit and tie. I agreed that he needed a more casual look as a life coach so that his clients would find him more approachable and easier to open up to (you can find pictures of my work with him on my web site at

There are a lot of people going through career transitions these days, either by personal choice or out of necessity from layoffs due to the current job market. Most of my clients from outside of the music industry are career changers. In fact, last Christmas, I had a man who purchased a gift certificate for my services as a surprise Christmas gift for his wife who was changing from a position in health care where she was wearing scrubs everyday to an administrative role where she needed more business and business casual outfits. I spent two days with her going through her current wardrobe and shopping with her for just the right outfits to help her in making that transition a smooth one.

Check out this video to see how even some minor changes can make such a big difference:

paNASH Style client, Life Coach Randy Shreve (photo by Van Dresser Studios)

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