Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Typical Week in Music City

The floods have not silenced Music City! This past week has been very busy with one client showcasing to several labels, another performing, recording and signing a publishing deal, and yet another releasing a debut CD and doing numerous interviews. Some of the advice I’ve given those clients is advice others can incorporate in their own lives. First of all, be yourself in how you dress and present yourself, but make it a more polished version of yourself. In all that we do, there’s always room for improvement, so ask yourself, how can I take what I’ve got going for me and bring it up a notch or two? I guarantee you’ll notice an increase in your self-confidence and a difference in the way others will approach and receive you. Second (and I’ve said this dozens of times before), you can look like you’ve lost 15 to 20 pounds just by wearing clothing that fits you properly. Wearing anything too big for you (a common mistake made by most of my male clients) can make you look heavier than you are. The reverse of this is true as well. Anything too tight on you will also make you look heavier (a mistake made mostly by women). Finally, image goes beyond just how you look. It also includes how you present and sell yourself. Knowing what to say about yourself in a way that exudes both confidence and humility is what will endear you to others. Congrats to all of my clients for their personal and professional successes and best of luck to you in your personal and professional endeavors!

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