Friday, April 9, 2010

Part II for the Men

As I said in last week's blog, I am focusing each weekly blog for the month of April on the men (and there are 5 Fridays in April so there are 5 blogs dedicated just to them). Last week I discussed how a shorter man can look taller. This week, I'm going to teach the tall, skinny man how to "bulk up" a bit.

1. Last week I told the shorter men to wear shirts with vertical stripes. Usually the opposite, horizontal stripes, is a no-no for most people, but not for the skinny man. Horizontal stripes create the illusion of width. In fact, a single large stripe straight across the chest can make your shoulders look wider.

2. Avoid monochromatic looks. Try to wear a color on top that's different from the color of your pants. For instance, instead of wearing a navy blue suit, try a navy jacket with tan or khaki pants. If you are wearing jeans, a dark wash jean will look better with a lighter color shirt and vice versa. In fact, tall, slim guys are about the only guys who can get away with a light color/faded pair of jeans. Just make sure if you're going to wear light color/faded jeans that they are in a modern cut that is either straight or bootcut (skinny men should stay away from rocker skinny jeans).

3. This tip is probably the most important tip for you pay attention to because it's the most common mistake I see among slender men. Don't wear shirts that are too big on you! They will billow around you and you will look like a hotair balloon trying to take off at the slightest breeze, especially if you wear them untucked. Wear fitted/slim-cut shirts, but not so skin-tight we can see your bones! Also, pay attention to where the shoulder seams are when trying on shirts. If the shoulder seam is any lower than where your actual shoulder ends, the shirt is too big for you!

4. Follow tip three and then layer over the fitted shirt other items to add the illusion of mass. You can layer either a sweater, a sweater vest, a vest, a blazer, or a lightweight jacket, over top of the shirt. You can also add a complimentary colored tee under the shirt.

5. Tall men will look disproportionate if they wear a rounded-toe shoe, so instead opt for a square- or pointed-toe shoe.

Next week, I'll cover how the bulky man can look leaner. Have a great weekend!

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