Wednesday, January 7, 2015

6 Fashion Trends For 2015

Even though it's just the first full week of a new year and it's bitterly cold outside, spring fashions will soon be hitting the stores in February! Here are six fashion trends to look for in Spring 2015:

1. 1970s Nostalgia
I'm loving these looks that bring back touches of the seventies. The patterns are strong, yet the flow of the silhouette adds a beautiful softness to the look.

2. All-Weather Leather 
These looks are great for early spring when it's still chilly outside. Leather always combines edginess with sophistication!

3. Denim
Denim never goes out of style, bur there are always new things to do with it. The new looks for denim can be found not just in pants but also in jackets, blazers, skirts, and dresses.

4. Utilitarian Pockets
Pockets are always useful to have, and this spring's fashions will include many pockets, especially on military-inspired looks. While military-inspired looks are typically popular during the fall, they will continue their popularity this spring with unexpected touches of lace and other softer fabrics.

5. Carefree
Warmer weather often inspires a sense of relaxation and lightheartedness. Despite all the doom and gloom in today's headlines, designers are opting for a doom-and-gloom antidote which includes light neutrals and whites along with comfortable silhouettes.

6. Florals
Florals are always a hot commodity in spring fashions,but this year they are bigger, bolder, and typically worn from head-to-toe.

Hang in there! Warm weather and the beauty of spring is just around the corner!


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