Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

Here's something I haven't (surprisingly) written about in a while: shoes. Perhaps because I have
spent most of this summer either in flip-flops or completely barefoot due to the awesome weather we've had. Yes, I've posted a few outfits referencing where I purchased the shoes featured in the post, but I haven't shared anything about the beauty of so many different designs and various ways to celebrate the creativity of those who make beautiful (yet sometimes painful) shoes.  

To me, shoes are the punctuation mark of an outfit. They complete the statement you are making with your clothes. Here are some that I call "exclamation points" for an outfit because of their uniqueness and attention-grabbing structure. They can take a plain outfit to spectacular in just seconds! And not to worry, I've included a few examples that are not only fabulous but also comfortable, including flats and booties for fall.

To see the entire collection of awesome shoes I find beautiful and unique, visit the paNASH Style Pinterest board "Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!"

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