Friday, March 7, 2014

paNASH Style Client Examples: Skinny Jeans

While flared jeans are making a comeback, skinny jeans will still be a versatile option. Think you're too old to wear skinny jeans? Here are photos of a paNASH Style client in her 50s who looks great in them!
These are a couple different alternatives for the (hopefully!) upcoming spring weather: stacked with booties,with a nude flat, and cuffed with a peep-toe heel. And of course, tall boots look great over skinny jeans when it's still cold outside.  Notice also how we've added jackets from her own closet to complete each look!

Some women, while definitely young enough to wear skinny jeans, don't always feel like their bodies are made to wear skinny jeans. This isn't necessarily true. There are many body types that can wear skinny jeans, much in the same way they can wear leggings. Below is a photo of a former client who was hesitant to try skinny jeans when I first started working with her. She didn't think they would look good on her.

Photo by David Bean
I think we can all agree from the photo that she definitely can rock a pair of skinnies! And so can you! Let us show you how!

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