Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"It's Not How You Look. It's How You See."

This blog entry is dedicated to a very special and beautiful lady...6:14!  

How do you see yourself?  How do you think your closest friends see you?  Is there ever a discrepancy in those views?  I came across this quote, "It's not how you look, it's how you see," the other day in something I was reading and it really summarized just what my work with my clients is like.  Some people may think that my job is to tell people what they're doing wrong in how they are dressing or presenting themselves (and yes, some of that is necessary in order to reach our common goal, but it's never meant to be mean-spirited).  But in working with clients on their image, whether they are recording artists or people from other walks of life, it's more about teaching them a mindset that will help them be more successful, both in their careers and in their everyday lives.

I am amazed to see just how blind some (not all) people are to their own beauty and strengths.  When teaching clients how to promote themselves in a media interview or a job interview, initially they tend to have a difficult time owning their strengths and presenting them in a positive yet humble way (sometimes it's easier for people to discuss their weaknesses than their strengths!).  When working with their wardrobe, they just can't see the good qualities in their physical appearance when they look in the mirror until I put them in something that shows off their best assets.  Even the most beautiful and successful of my artist clients have some insecurities about themselves, just like the next person does.  But focusing on the things you don't like about yourself can blind you completely to the good things about you.

Helping others see the good in them (both internally and externally) is such a rewarding thing for me, much like it was when I taught college courses and I would see my students have those "light bulb moments" when they would "get it."  I love it when my clients have that moment of realization that they don't have to have the perfect body or a ton of money to look amazing, or that they don't have to give the perfect or most elaborate answer to be interesting.  All they need is an open mind and a willingness to really see the potential that's inside of them.  That can be hard for some people to do.  It's actually easier for some people to look at themselves and downplay their assets by pointing out their flaws than to really take the time and see what they have to offer.  But by being honest with themselves, they gain not just the ability to accept who they are but also to embrace who they are.  The best compliment for me is when my clients tell me how much more confident they are in themselves and their performances from the things I've taught them.  And the best compliment they receive once our work is done is when their closest friends say, "it's so great to look at you and SEE the inner you shining through!"

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  1. You are so amazing and I loved READING this article! You are such a beautiful person (inside and out) and I am so BLESSED to have you as a friend. When you are someone's "consultant"--you are SO much more...they should feel LUCKY! I appreciate you thinking of me and helping me SEE. I love you Lori!
    Many blessings to you always,


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